VMworld 2018 TAM Custom Orders FAQ

How do I get access to the TAM ordering pages?

Contact Cheryl Eagan for access information.

How long is the window to order my TAM Shirt for VMworld 2018?

Currently the order window is through Friday July 20th so we can account for time to produce the items

Can I order if I am outside the US?

YES! You can order with a non US billing address, but we are limited to shipping to US addresses only at this time.  If you are attending VMworld please ship to your hotel by looking up the hotel shipping information.  Anyone not attending VMworld US can ship via VMware Corporate HQ address and shipments should be forwarded to you.  We’ve done this successfully in the past.

Are the items in stock?

No.  All these items are essentially a “Pre-Order” and production will start after the ordering window is closed.  Every item is made specifically at your request and only for you.  You will notice there is a verification you must agree to that you are allowed to have items made for personal use under respective fair use policies.  We only operate in a by-request production model like many other Promotional Products Distributers such as StickerMule.

Can I change or cancel my order?

While the order window is open we can make changes or refund an order.  Once the order window is closed and production begins on Monday July 23rd orders can not be canceled or changed since all the work is custom.

If these are being ordered so early when will they ship?

The orders will ship based on the following dates:

  • Wednesday August 15 – US Household and orders sent to VMware HQ will be shipped
  • Wednesday August 22 – Shipments directly to Vegas Hotels